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30.09.2017: I Moved the Icecast today to the datacenter in riga (LV). Because of this, there was a short dropout. In this way i updated the Icecast to version 2.4.0 KH6. I hope the problem is now solved.

18.09.2017: My Hostingprovider has some issues with the server in the datacenter in goteborg (SE). Problem is, that Icecast starts every couple of hours.

13.05.2017: Update to Icecast 2.4.0 KH5.

12.04.2017: Pablo ask us if we could enable SSL / HTTPS. Shure we can do that - and now its done: Icecast2 currently dont support to stream http & https over the same port (8000), so we use port 8443 ;)

05.04.2017: Memoryleak at 05:46 o'clock CEST.
I will have a look on ulimit to prevent us from that bug.

03.04.2017: Memoryleak at 20:59 o'clock CEST

23.03.2017: Mountpoints that arent in use for weeks or months, i disabled them today.

21.03.2017: Added the following YellowPages: &

19.03.2017: I have changed the Icecast-statuspage design to our own minimalistic one :) Its optical equivalent to our website - take a look here and enjoy.

19.03.2017: Sadly to tell, but this night (02:53 CET) Icecast had again a Memoryleak. Our script that check if Icecast 2.4.0 KH4 is online, worked perfect while the server was again runnin after some seconds.

18.03.2017: Meanwhile Icecast 2.4.0 KH4 runs without any issues since nearly one week. There where no memoryleak till now. It seems that the new version runs better :)

12.03.2017: The changes i made last night were successful. There where only a short outage.

11.03.2017: Sadly, but in Icecast 2.4.0 KH3 there is a memoryleak / bufferoverflow, that end up in trigger the oom killer. Therefor the oom killer stop the Icecast service. This is the reason why the Icecast service was down from time to time in the past months. You know thats not what i want to offer, why i will upgrade to a fresh installed Debian 9 with update to Icecast 2.4.0 KH4. As i dont know if this will fix the memorybug, cron will run a script every minute, that check if the Icecastserver is still running. Shurely, this is not a proper solution for that bug, but it prevent Icecast form beeing down for longer than 2 minutes. In this way i change also the nameservers tonight, to move the ips / subdomains faster on future problems. The possible downtime will lower from max. 60 minutes to max. 5 minutes, till all nameserver entries will be updated. That means this night our service has a downtime, that allows me in the future to change things much faster.

18.02.2017: For future changes, i update the PTR (rDNS) from "" to "". Later there will be more information here.

14.02.2017: Icecast was stopped again from OOM Killer today.
Meanwhile Icecast is back online and i will try to move the system in the near future.

18.07.2016: Icecast has stopped today @ 08:12 CEST.
It seems a buffoverflow in Icecast was the reason.
Since 21:55 CEST Icecast is running again.

24.04.2016: Changed mail address: >
Please try to take the new one ;)

21.04.2016: Short outage by our Transitcarrier Telia at 18:30 CET.

15.04.2016: At 13:21 o'clock CET there where a short dropout on S1. Sorry.

14.03.2016: S1 had again a reconnect at 15:53 CET. I try to find out why.
As thought, it depends on my Raspberry Pi testsetup with OGG streaming.
Till now, i will only test these setups on a testserver, for shure ;)

11.03.2016: S1 had a reconnect at 22:25 CET. An Uplink from our ISP was interrupted.
It switched automatic to backuplink.

08.03.2016: After Icecast could make some small issue with one fallbackfile for multiple mounts, i decided to disable it. Particular fallbacks which were setup for one mount, will stay!

06.03.2016: Let’s Encrypt! is now httpS accessible.

04.03.2016: Added a new package "streamMORE" with up to 1000 listeners.

25.02.2016: Thanks to Leonardo for the hint. I forgot to upload the crossdomain.xml.

23.02.2016: Change from Icecast2 2.4.2 to Icecast2 2.4.0 KH3 is done.
Now You are able to use the features of the Karl Heyes Branch.

20.02.2016: Many Users asked me to provide Icecast KH. I will move the server (s1) on 23.02.2016 at 06:00 CET. This can lead some restrictions on streaming - sorry.

24.11.2015: After our service is running quite good for some months, we changed the status from beta to stable!

17.10.2015: Mountname for "testaccount" 1&2 has changed to "teststream" 1&2&3.
And the timelimitation is also revoked - now You can stream endless, without reconnect.

14.09.2015: Every server is now connect with dedicated 200 Mbit/s. So now You can even stream more :)

08.08.2015: Server 2 (testserver) has moved from Frankfurt (AS31400) to Riga (AS52173).

15.06.2015: Set Bitrate from 320 to 192 kb/s - more is possible but nobody use it.
Added own logbook-site on the website.

14.06.2015: New Rule: no restreaming of foreign radiostations

06.06.2015: Standard fallback now with silence. You can get your own fallback sound - ask for it ;)

05.06.2015: YP directory listing now works also. (Totally stupid/buggy configuration!)

02.06.2015: IPv6 activated. Must have restart Icecast.

16.05.2015: Added rules (24/7). & status-json.xsl activated.

07.05.2015: Icecast is offline since ~02:40 o'clock. It doesnt restart correctly.
Some mountpoints rotative go online, and some dont. System get a new setup.
Migration from Icecast 2.3.3 kh11 > Icecast 2.4.2-1 @ Debian 8
Server seems to run stable again (11:55 o'clock).

06.05.2015: Most of the conversion is finished.

04.05.2015: Found a Bug in Icecast 2.3.3 kh11.
Add username-tag in icecastconfigfile. Fallback works only with this tag.

29.04.2015: Fallback doesnt work, without a change on Icecast.

22.02.2015: Moved s1: OVH ( > Makonix (gö
| debian 6 > debian 8) should now stream a little bit better :D

15.02.2015: deleted "stream128"-package. therefor i upgrade the bitrate from 96 to 128.
website now in german & english language - for worldwide support ;)

12.02.2015: more tests with Debian Jessie & Icecast KH.
problems due to reconnects by Icecast KH already there.

10.02.2015: server s1 changed from Accelerated to OVH, now again with Debian Squeeze

09.02.2015: after many tests: problem is Icecast KH specific
workaround with changes in "source-timeout" & activate "fallback"

31.01.2015: problem with Icecast KH - it disconnects the mounts without a trace

04.11.2014: doubled the listeners from 16/32/64 to 32/64/128

19.10.2014: website changes & enhancements

12.10.2014: Icecast 2.3.3 kh11 runs now stabil

11.10.2014: make a change to Debian 7 (wheezy)

21.05.2014: status: alpha > beta

20.05.2014: changed some things on webpage-design

14.12.2013: setup Debian 6 & Icecast 2.3.2

13.12.2013: website is now online |