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about streamaudio:

Streamaudio offers free audiostreaming with Icecast since the end of 2013 to You. There are 3 packages with up to 1000 listeners and You start with "stream32". The difference are only the total listeners at the same time. Streamaudio is noncommercial & good for most radiostations, clubs and events. How You can get an account: read it here.
Listeners:3264< 1000
Bitrate:without limit
Containerformats:.aac .flac .m4a .mp3 .mp4 .ogg .opus
Playlistcontainer:.asx .m3u .pls .xspf
Streaming Clients:AltaCast, butt, Edcast Reborn, Mixxx, RadioDJ, others
Streaming Server 1:Icecast2 2.4.0 KH4 @ Debian 9
Streaming Server 2:test @ Debian 9/8
Serverlocation 1:Göteborg, Makonix SIA
Serverlocation 2:Riga, Makonix SIA
Price:freefreemail me!

some techs':

Our servers are located in Göteborg & Riga @Makonix. We run the servers with various Debian derivates like Stretch / Jessie, and streaming is provided with Icecast2 2.4.0 KH4 or Icecast2 2.4.2. Every server is accessible via IPv6 & IPv4, what You can see beside the trafficstats here. Most commercial streamingprovider specify their serverconnection to the internet with multiple 10 or even 100 gigabit/s. Thats hardly overstated and describes more the totally interconnect of the datacenter where the server belongs to. I know, it sounds huge to the average user and You like it, but its not true. Our server e.g. share a 10 gbit/s uplink, where dedicated 200 mbit/s are available.